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Home Furnishing India - Majestic Global Service

♦ What We OfferHome Furnishing India - Majestic Global Service

Infrastructure Support:

To provide office and infrastructure support in India to our foreign customers. We work as an extension of our customer's office in Asia to bridge the geographical gap and to smoothen communication.  

Vendor Selection:

Vendors need to be approved by our Compliance team before we even start any sampling with them. Vendor for a particular order is selected on the basis of Product capability-price-timely delivery-quality control matrix. If a particular order is for promotional purpose, then price plays the guiding factor, and our choice is based on best price, timely delivery and reasonable quality. But, for a high quality prestigious order, price is not the sole factor for decision making so quality and timely delivery becomes the deciding factor.

Market Intelligence:Home Furnishing India - Majestic Global Service

Thorough and comprehensive search for the right match of the your product, comparative studies and consultancy on special assignments. Our customer gets regular market reports, special management notes and professional advise from time to time, special buying opportunities and future price trends to help them take a right decision. We help our customer choose right merchandise from the wide and potential array of suppliers' network. We look for alternative suppliers of your products using systematic procedures. Our merchandising team always keeps on looking for new suppliers and new products so that our customer gets the very best deal.

Product Development:

We work very closely with suppliers right from raw material to end product. We ensure to meet the deadlines of development, production planning, scheduling and follow-up. We work closely with the mills to decide the optimal fabric construction, process optimization to pass on the advantage to our customers.

Price Negotiation:Home Furnishing India - Majestic Global Service

Internationally competitive prices, break-up of costing for easy evaluation and decision-making. We also negotiate freight charges with the shippers. We get the best deal in terms of Price-Quality-Delivery-Service matrix.

Compliance & Code of Conduct:

Majestic Global Services has compliance requirements that stem from our vast experience in the field and have been incorporated to ensure that our standards are unsurpassed. We ensure that no Child Labor and forced labour is employed in our vendor's factories. We also ensure that suppliers don't use corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical coercion. None of our supplier is allowed to offers bribes, kickbacks, gifts, favors, loans or services to any of our employee or client for any reason. We also ensure that workplace and working hours are as per international standards.

Quality Assurance: Looking into the finer details

Surprisingly leading inspection companies follow the system of only final inspection and if something is found wrong then nothing can be done except either rejecting the goods resulting loss of vendor or acceptance of defective goods by buyer meaning a compromise. Our quality assurance systems are developed using our vast experience in the different field of manufacturing. Merchandise is inspected as per AQL level or as per buyer's specification. Unlike most of other agents, we have a concept of continuous quality control where we involve our qualified quality personnel throughout the process starting from raw material procurement to final inspection stage so that nothing goes wrong. For high volume business, we station one of our quality assurance executives at the factory to have continuous unbiased information all the time.


Under constant supervision and coordination to ensure timely dispatches, correct documentation and shipment arrivals.

Travel Assistance:

Our team provides free assistance to our clients including access to preferential hotel rates often much lower than market rates.


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